When Should You Call A Tow Truck?

Sometimes things go wrong and it's too difficult or unsafe to continue on your journey or even stay at the roadside.   Most people find themselves dealing at least once in their lifetime with a situation calling for roadside assistance.  Sometimes you might wonder if you should call a tow truck. Should you ever find yourself in any of the following situations  it is recommended that you contact a local tow truck company for assistance.


Flat Tire

Taking care of a flat tire is not a particularly difficult job if you have a spare tire, the correct tools, and the confidence/experience to do so. However, if you find yourself lacking any of the above and you don't have anybody conveniently around to help you with your flat tire is recommended to call a towing company.   Flat tire situations can come up rather unexpectedly as everything from worn treads, low air pressure or contact with sharp objects on the road can lead to a flat tire.  A reputable towing company will be more than equipped to provide this towing service to you.

Road Accident Resulting in Damage

Most people can prepare ahead for something simple like running out of gas or a flat tire. Being involved with a collision or any kind of accident on the road is much more difficult to predict or prepare for. An accident on the road can have any range of damage depending on how severe the collision was. You might find yourself needing to call a tow truck simply to move your vehicle and get it off the road. A local tow truck company with a good reputation will have both the equipment and the trained staff to move your vehicle safely off the road and have it transported where you'd like it to go. For your own safety it is highly recommended that you do not drive a vehicle after you've been involved in any kind of a collision as you may have experienced damage to your vehicle that you are not aware of yet. After your vehicle has been safely towed to a local garage and given the all-clear by a mechanic you can rest assured knowing your vehicle is safe to drive.  

Overheated Engine

A less common reason to call a tow truck is because of an overheated engine. A vehicle's engine can overheat for any number of reasons including a leaky water pump or faulty fan belt or even just extreme temperatures. Should you experience an overheated engine it's recommended to call for professional help to take care of an overheated engine quickly and effectively. More than likely they will tow your vehicle to the nearest mechanic so it can be resolved safely there.

Stuck in Mud or Snow

A more common reason to call for a tow truck is finding yourself stuck at the side of the road on able to get it of some slick mud, a snow drift, sand or just in the ditch. There are a number of tricks that you can use to try to get yourself out of that situation. However,  if you've exhausted all of your options don't waste your time and frustrate yourself needlessly on a lost cause. It's recommended at that point to just call a tow truck company to help you get your vehicle out of that situation.

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